Write like no one’s judging

When I sit down at the keyboard to continue on my current work-in-progress (aka WIP) it feels great to write like no one’s judging. It allows me to pour my heart out and focus on exactly what I think should happen in the book. Will every reader love it? Will ANY reader like it even a little bit? Readers are much too subjective, as they should be, to allow that to be part of my writing process.

I will never be able to please every reader, editor, publisher or agent. And if I let that be my priority, I’d never be able to finish a book I’d started writing.

And so, when I started work on my most recent book, I didn’t ask myself if anybody out there would be even vaguely interested in an ‘I Am Sam’ meets ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story, I simply gave myself permission to write about two teens who ditch the conventional idea of what love is, and fight for their personal ‘together forever’ dream, no matter what.

Thus the idea that even an ‘un-charming’ Prince is loveable came to life in my mind. I’ve always been a fan of the underdog and have one in every book I’ve written so far. Those are the types of books I enjoy reading most too. No wonder then, that I put my characters through the wringer to get what they so deeply crave. As the story moves along, I do my best to make it bittersweet, heart-wrenching, painful … then make it worse, for the characters. Their sacrifice, their battle, their impossible mission is worth it in the end.