Why YA?

Reading is the ultimate journey, writing is the road map to get you there. Why write YA? Because it’s the most exciting, confounding, depressing time of our lives. It’s also full of choices.

Yeah, sure; do we really get to choose what happens next in our lives at any given time. Absolutely NOT! But we have the choice of how to handle what happens and how to deal with it. Not easy, but doable and that’s exactly what I force my characters to face, head on, willingly or unwillingly, kicking and screaming or silently loathing but determined.

And that’s why YA. Doors open into new avenues, possibilities and potentially impossible goals. We figure we can deal with anything; until a bump in the road or a mountain of a problem comes up to sidetrack us, challenge us to step up or lay down and give up.

It’s all about incremental effort: winning at anything isn’t easy. It’s a marathon of effort, sometimes taken in the tiniest of steps, tens of thousands of them, that get us to where we want to be. Sounds hard, and is it worth it? Of course it is, every single time.