Roadblocks and How To Get Around Them

Stuff happens all the time that seems to distract us from our goals. As a writer, I`ll admit that some of this can be called `procrastination`, laziness even, or just plain getting tired of the struggle to succeed.

Other times, roadblocks are for real. I`ll never regret putting aside my writing to look after the needs of my aging family members. The honor of providing the care they needed at a critical time in their lives was important to me; more important than my writing at the time.

A recent roadblock for me was the discovery of a litter of five kittens, eyes still closed, abandoned in a flower bed next to our house. Since the mother, a stray we`d seen in the neighborhood all summer long, never returned, we took the little ones in to keep them from freezing, starving or being eaten by the plentiful wildlife in our area. Bottle feeding, cleaning and caring for them took time. And yes, it did distract me from my writing. But it was absolutely worth it.

They`re almost ready to be adopted out now, and need a lot less care, and so: on with the writing!