Personal Demons

Personal demons: we all have them; though I’m sure there are those who won’t admit it.

My own personal demon in writing, and sometimes in general, is self-doubt. Yup, I can be sitting at my computer, typing away, the writing flowing like water, the words feeling worthy of being read by someone other than me and bam … my fingers stop, my mind blurs, and the nasty buzz of self-doubt sneaks in to attack.

I hear the words of ridicule, criticism and degradation in my head: ‘Who do you think you are, writing a book?’ ‘Who are you trying to fool? That sucks, and nobody will ever see any merit in it, so stop, already.’ ‘If anybody ever sees this trash, they’ll laugh til they cry, this is so badly written.’ ‘You should really delete anything you’ve ever written, because it’ll never get published anyway. Why are you bothering?’

Harsh, but true. It happens more often than it should, but it’s a personal struggle for me. What helps? Encouragement from people who care about me; the will to persevere no matter what; and the determination to beat my own demons.

Bring it! And tomorrow I will write some more.