We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. РBertha Calloway

Inspiring books by Donald Maass include: Writing the Breakout Novel, The Fire in Fiction, Writing 21st Century Fiction.

In her Writer Unboxed blog post titled ‘The Crushing Weight of Expectation’ from July 11th 2014, Robin LaFevers writes: “Let what you’ve achieved be enough. Let the creative journey you’re on be what fulfills you.”

While we don’t get to choose what life gives us, we do get to decide how to respond: we can get bitter, or take courage and get better.

It doesn’t matter what your plan is. It’s what you want to do. You can make a plan to accomplish anything, so long as you’re disciplined enough to work at it, and willing to reward yourself for progress as passionately as you are willing to demonize yourself for shortcomings. It’s hard, all this stuff is hard, but the good things are supposed to be hard. It’s how we grow. It’s how we reach new heights and learn to keep reaching, never complacent, never resting on laurels. It’s how we put people on the moon. It’s how we sent robots to other planets. It’s how we learned to make nachos and paint toenails. From The Writer Next Door aka John Adamus

Excellent advice from Terribleminds: Chuck Wendig