What It’s Going To Take

If you’re a writer, and you want to follow your dream of getting published you already know at least two things about the journey: 1. It’s going to be hard work. 2. It’s probably going to take some time to get there.

That said, you’ll have to ask yourself some very important questions in order to make it down that road. For me those questions are 1. How badly do I want my goal? and 2. What am I willing to sacrifice to get there?

I want to reach my goal of getting published bad enough to make writing a priority, ahead of so many other things I could be doing that bring me joy. I’ll never put it ahead of my family, which always comes first; but it comes way before watching television or movies, knitting or other crafts I enjoy, or other ‘fun’ stuff that I could be doing when instead I’ve got my butt in a chair and have my hands on my keyboard, working away at a manuscript.

As for the sacrifices I’m willing to make, the biggest for me is sleep. I don’t have to get up early after only five or six hours of sleep. I have the luxury of getting my eight hours, most of the time. But even if I’ve been writing late into the night, and set my alarm to get up early to write some more, I do it because I know that without spending a significant amount of quiet, uninterrupted time writing, I will never get published. So, what are you willing to sacrifice?