The Art of Perseverance

We write, we submit, we collect rejections … and we write some more. At least that’s what most writers do. Then some of us get published, and other go back to the drawing board and write some more. Or not.

It’s hard not to lose faith in your commitment to writing: publication is the end goal. And when that goal seems impossible to reach we’re faced with some difficult decisions. Do we stop, admit defeat and go on to pursue other things? Do we put aside our writing, perhaps return to our dream of getting published at some other time, when we’re not as busy, distracted, discouraged?

Or do we persevere? The answer to that pressing question is as subjective at the opinion of the agents, editors and publishers who critique our writing.

Perseverance takes great strength and in writing, where rejection is part of the process, it’s almost impossible, depending on each writer’s journey. It is however the only way to ‘win’ in a venture where commitment can outweigh talent on the way to success.

Warren Adler’s (best known for The War of The Roses) closing thoughts in his post, sums this up succinctly with his advice that the true novelist must soldier on, keep writing, keep trying and never give up.